Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Valentine, Lt. John "Flip" Cowger

Tuesday will be one year since my Valentine died :( I did pretty good through the holidays, especially Valentine's Day, but the past few days I guess it really hit me that he's gone.  I miss talking to him, even if it was listening about the VA hospital and what he was going thru.  He lived through a lot and is in a much better place now.  I hope I can make it thru Tuesday at school.  I believe he'd be really happy to know I'm back at school and I'm making good head way into getting my certificate to teach again.  I like to think that he's up in Heaven with Uncle Fred smilling down knowing I'm so happy right now after all that's what they gave their lives for :)  I never got to know Uncle Fred, but Flip was such a Blessing to me in college and up thru last year.  He was always supportive and encouraging to me in everything I've done from my Senior Thesis at Lander to my struggles with being single.  I call him my Valentine because he told me I didn't need to worry about being single on Valentine's Day, he'd be my Valentine :)  I really miss my Valentine, and this is my favorite picture of them.

Flip is 2nd from left on the top row;
Uncle Fred is the last person on the right on the top row