Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring is Here?

It doesn't really feel like spring, more like late October.  Right now I'm becoming more obsessed with healthy eating and I really want to go to a Farmer's Market-despite the fact that I really want pizza and burgers, and hot dogs, and stuff I just can't eat without having an allergic reaction or getting a migraine.  Since I'll be getting married in a couple of months I have to figure out where to buy what I can handle for the best price.  Which is why I can't wait to go to a farmer's market and spend some time this summer canning for the winter; did you know that yellow #5 (I think is the number) is added to pickles!!!! Yes, I'll be pickling my own hopefully this summer.  I want the headaches, pain, and breathing problems to stop without my dying of starvation-is that really too much to ask?  Project #1 (after getting out my sewing machine) is making grocery bags, I have my patterns and some material already.  I have several different styles I like plus there is an insulated one.  I like my 31 bags, but there's something about making a bag with the print you want that makes limited shopping more enjoyable, and I do enjoy grocery shopping!!