Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chronic Migraines

After several weeks of horrible migraines I finally got to leave school early yesterday so I went home and had to take two of my prescription migraine pills.  I also took my preventative medicine.  I stopped taking it in August because i'm so tired during the day and I wasn't getting much sleep once the sedative wore off.  I took half of one this afternoon, but I'm still having bad headaches.  Hopefully I can figure something out.

Something else that's been bothering me is seeing photo posts on Facebook about how upset people with chronic illnesses get when someone tells them get well soon.  My opinion...I have gradually gotten to the point where I'm furious at seeing these now. I have to deal with chronic medical issues and I feel so much better(emotionally at least) just hearing I hope you feel better or find a get well soon card in the mail because I know they care and want me to be better even if it's for a few hours.  Knowing what it's like for me I try to send "get well soon" notes to encourage others who are going through something similar and I have to say that seeing things like this up as often as I do makes me feel like I've been slapped in the face for trying to encourage someone, whether that was the person I sent a note to or not.  I have days where I have to fight to make it through school before I can rest and deal with the physical pain and I have to say it's depressing having my parents and husband be the only people who want me to feel better.  I do know there are some people praying for me, they find me at school or send me a note to check up on me every now and then. I guess I feel like no one really cares about me.  I know I'm sick a lot and most people think it's trivial, but a lot of days I feel like no one really cares and a get well card or something special ( which I usually get in mail from my best friend in Florida who shouldn't be spending money on me or I buy myself) would really mean a lot.  I see others facing similar medical issues who have friends who seem to be bending over backwards to do things to make them feel better and feel loved.  The only people who seem to do that for me are my husband and my parents.  I've had to deal with my chronic issues alone for 31 years before I met Travis, I guess I'll keep doing it without friends, it just makes me sad to think about.