Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Diet

So when people here the word diet they automatically think of one starving to lose weight and get way too small.  Diet also refers to what one eats.  One of my doctors told me no dairy or wheat.  I've gotten both mostly.  I had no idea how many foods had some sort of Dairy or Wheat in them.  I must say just cutting down as much as I have the past week I feel a lot better :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning

The past few weeks have been busy.  I've cleaned out my closet, and when I mean clean out, it's gone down to the point I need to buy a few more tops!  I got rid of everything that didn't fit; I boxed up what was too small and my "thyroid clothes" as I call them were put in a bag and are on the top shelf of my closet-saving me a shopping trip the next time my thyroid gives me problems and I balloon up 3 sizes in two days.  I also boxed up  a lot of clothes I haven't worn in weeks or even years.  I have a lot of dresses, which makes me happy because I love dresses and skirts.  I do have one pair of slacks and a pair of jeans, but they aren't worn too much.  My swim suit even has a skirted bottom!  I think I boxed up a good two-thirds of my clothes; in both my closet and drawers.  I also am in the process of sorting out my shoes, I'd ideally like five pairs of shoes in matching shoe boxes; I really want everything to have a put together feeling about it. I also did the same thing with accessories and   my exercise clothes-which are mostly skirts.  I also am waiting on a Thirty-One bag I ordered to arrive for my in-between season clothing.  I love my Thirty-One bags, I'm using two of their Cargo Purses for my Thyroid Clothes and my in-between season clothes and their Retro Metro Weekender for my out of season clothes.  I  went through ALL my clothes and got rid of everything I had already put up for the summer, which meant I needed a smaller storage bag and space.  While I'm still debating on a few dresses about keeping or not I'm happy with the result.  

I also decided to revamp my cosmetics and beauty routine.  Since my Estee Lauder lady retired and I found myself once again unemployed I decided to completely start over.  I was a little unsure about this since I've been wearing Estee Lauder for well over ten years, however the replacement(s) at the local store aren't very professional in the store by ignoring me completely when I went in (every other cosmetic clerk at least says hello and that they will be with me in a moment) and have not attempted to contact me at all about being the new ladies; needless to say I don't fee so bad about choice now.  I chose to go with Clinique, for now.  I used Clinique for awhile my first year at Lander and liked them.  I also like Besame Cosmetics because they have a 1930's and 1940's feel, so I decided to reward myself when I do get a teaching position with buying their cosmetics.  This time last month I had a big almost over flowing with mostly make up.  I had make-up zipper bags for lipsticks, glosses, eye shadow, face products-powder, foundation, concealer, and 5 shades of blush.  Not to mention moisturizers, washes, make-up remover, and various brush sets.  I went and had my consultation and thought about my color needs.  I threw out ALL my Estee Lauder things and now own enough cosmetics to fit on half a shelf in my medicine cabinet.  It take a lot less time to get dressed in the morning when the hardest make-up decision is " would red lipstick go with this outfit?"  

I'm also in the process of organizing my crafting things as well.  I'm doing pretty well so far, I have a desk to create my cards and I can find everything I need :)  I still am trying to get down to 130 pounds, I'm down to 136 and I'm hoping by the end of the summer I'll be back to my pre-thyroid weight from two years ago.  Also, no migraines in the past few weeks.  

I may have a while to go on my organizational and weight goals, but I'm happy with the progress I've made :)