Friday, March 11, 2011

What has this country become?

Ok, I ask this question not expecting an answer, but I have to...What kind of a society have we become? So this is the second time I have been in a particular class with "children" (Seniors in high school actually) who refuse to even be quiet when the pledge is being said and we have a moment of silence, let alone actually stand up and say the pledge.  And when I have said something to them about why they don't they don't even answer respectfully.  I'm not sorry for my attitude about this, and maybe I'm different, but that boils my blood and really ticks me off.  Are you ready for the kicker, the two JROTC cadets in the class, one of whom is going in the Marines, wouldn't even stand up and gave me the same displeased attitude and body language the rest of the class did.  Maybe it's because I've lost family members in a war and I know a lot of military people, but I feel this type of behavior is simply intolerable. Is there anyone not related to the military that has pride in this country any more? Personally, I've lost almost all my respect for these students and people like them. My great uncles might have died so they could be disrespectful, but I sure don't have to like it at all! And I invite everyone like them to move to Lybia.

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