Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring is...

Spring is just around the corner! I can feel it peeking out at me from behind a tree.  I'm so excited about gardening season, it's almost here. Time to pull out my cook books-all the gluten free ones I've been collecting since two Doctors put me on the diet in the autumn.  It's been really hard, financially, but with thoughts of my own garden I have a new excitement and hope I will actually be able to eat foods that won't make me feel yucky.  I'm also trying to save up for canning supplies and refrigerator storage for when I can start harvesting.  I have both on our wedding registries and I'm super excited.

I have managed to purge my crafting supplies of seasonal things I don't like and haven't used in years, especially Christmas.  I bought a ScrapRack and I have most everything on it, I ran out of pages and dividers, but those should be in Wednesday-along with a small travel box so I can carry my things from house to house until I get married this summer and aren't commuting back and forth anymore.  If I like the small box I'm going to get a bigger one. They look great for car travel because it's plastic and the top can be used as a lap desk.  When It comes in and I use it I'll let you know my opinion.

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