Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another Migraine Day

Today has been another bad migrane day.  The dizziness has been bad and my medicine the neurologist has given me hasn't helped,  I keep trying to find ways to not be as stressed (the reason for mine today) but some days it's just too much.  I did manage to wash the chairs on the front porch and get the pollen off and do laundry.  Despite the pain and everything else that goes along with my migraines I still try to function like a normal person, even if I shouldn't but after having migraines this many days in a row it gets depressing and it seems likes no one really cares about the pain I have to endure.  Right now I feel like crying and doing nothing else because my head feels like there is a giant boulder stuck in my skull over my left eye.  Unfortunately the test my neurologist has done hasn't shown that anything is wrong.  A heating pad helps but the ones I have are to heavy and to big so as soon as I feel up to it I'm going to make a smaller one just for migraine relief.  There is a scent I bought a Michael's that helps aleivaite the pain, it's vanilla.  Saturday I'm going to stop by after my facial and get some (I ran out the week it snowed in February).  All I can really do is pray about it, but pain seems to be my norm and I keep trying to get use to it. 

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