Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Well, I thought I'd stick around and see what happens with Soldier's Angels.  It's supposed to get better and from what I've heard and seen since November 1 it isn't.  I won't go into details, heaven help that gets out. But I will give my opinion, Heaven help that I think on my own and actually can make decisions and form opinions myself.

For starters, if your all volunteer group is having to spend their own money each month to send letters, cards, and care packages to military and their families why would you tell them they have to pay more to continue spending their own money and then give away prizes to some when they do pay the donation (fee if you're in reality).  This whole fee thing is really a side issue for me. My main issue with Soldier's Angels is that of the past 6 and a half years I have been volunteering with them (and loving it, the writing and sending packages to the soldiers) I've had communication issues 4 of those years.  I have had so many problems getting in touch with people about concerns or questions I've had.  It's been one big scavenger hunt.  I haven't even known if my area have a community Network person since 2008.

Now we are told there are over 2400 soldiers needing to be adopted, some of those have more than one verified angel plus the angel they had before November 1 and that leaves how many troops without even one Angel for support.  Over the past 6+ years I have watched Soldier's Angels grow beyond the scope of what I believe it's able to take care of.  Was this the reason we have to pay at least $1 a month to actually be able to do what we like? I do not know, there has been A LOT of secrecy and we tiny little angels who don't know haven't been able to voice our opinions without the Angels in power, from my personal experience it was the founder, blasting us for not supporting the troops and if posted on Facebook they were deleted.  It appears we are allowed to have an opinion as long as it is flattering to Soldier's Angels.

I hope with all my heart that this monthly payment either goes away completely or that it becomes optional.  If it doesn't my heart probably will break because I don't know of a legitimate reason to pay to volunteer with  group you spend hundreds of dollars of your own money a year to help lonely strangers halfway around the world.  This breaks my heart, even now that I've been sponsored for a year because the Chaplain Support Team, Letter Writer Team, and the TLC team seem to be the only things functioning at the moment.

Beginning in 2014 I will be making cards for Operation Write Home, sorry but this Christmas all the adults stateside will be getting store bought cards.  They do ask for donations but that is because it takes money to send the cards over to the troops.  I will be using my last year with Soldiers Angels to find a new group to volunteer with-barring of course a miracle happening for me to stay with them and I don't see that happening.  I know God can do anything, but I don't see the current heads of the group or the founder changing the way they are doing things, in secret.

As I said, this is my opinion and so be it if I get kicked out of SA now for having it.

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