Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 Travel Planner

I went shopping today to get things for my 2014 planner since 2014 is right around the corner.  I'll be using more than one planner; right now I'll be using 4 Planners: At Home, Travel, School, Diet.  I'll also be using 7 Journals: Quiet Time, Daily, Blessings, Diet & Exercise, Health, Prayer, and Art plus a Smash Book (my personal offline version of Pintrest).  I'll Blog about all of these at some point and post things from time to time.  I'm thinking about getting another Journal for my personal journey through my coping with Endometriosis beginning in January 2014 with my surgery. Here's a look at my Travel Planner I made out of River Song's Journal that Travis gave me for Christmas (he says I'm a Geek, at least he isn't calling me a Nerd lol)

Here are some general pictures of my main travel journal for the basics to get me where I need to go.


I will be color coding things, I'll put up a final list later, so I bought some pens and pencils and such.  I did see a set of pens made in Germany that are $25 I want to save up for.  Below are pictures of some of my goodies.  I'm still working on storage so a lot o them will be in the target bag for awhile.

 Pens, Pencils, Writing Instruments

The Hello Kitty pens are sparkly & write really well; they were only .50  at Target

I like these because there is glue on one end

 Other items to use with my Travel Planner specifically 

These are sticky notes in match book covers.

These are for use in all my planners as well as in my journals

Travis gave me these for Christmas!!!!! He knows me too well!
These go from 1-6.
These also have a sheet of pink and purple in the pack
These have a sheet of blue and green in the pack also
I bought two of these, one specifically for my Travel Planner

I had these, most are from when I taught 4K & had to make my own center games 
Mini Envelopes, blue & green, from our wedding reception

I had these mini stickers in a box with all my sticky notes

 Of course there is storage/organization
I love yellow, and bought this in the spring at Hobby Lobby; just because I liked it
I also have a blue basket that I am still organizing items into.

I also piked up some accessories

I love using wooden pencils and colored penils so I picked up a good sharpener to keep at home
I love the happy colors.  Also, I decided to buy hair bands instead of spending almost $4 for 3 book bands
And of course, what's a new year without new school toys?
I got the small notebook out of the $ bin at Target and I picked up some new Dry Erase markers since mine are drying out

 Here is a look at some of my Journals and finished Travel Planner
This is my Blessing Journal; Every day I write down 3 good things that have happened.

My Smash book I bought the beginning of last school year to put things in I want to keep but wouldn't put in a scrap book. Things I want to reference later.

My Travel Planner with the pens I keep in my purse.

 Here's a look at my Yellow basket with some of my items, all ready for use!
Right now I'm keeping my stickies in a 31 mini zipper pouch, but I'm going to be moving to something bigger soon.

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