Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Trouble at school...

I had a salad at school today for lunch, which is normally what I've been eating at lunch, but yesterday I finished up my salad dressing so I got dressing from the cafeteria.  Not good.  My stomach has been bothering me since 4th block and I've had a headache since 2:45 that is just getting worse.  Once day I will get this gluten and dairy thing figured out and will have food stored in the freezer that  I can just heat up if I don't feel like cooking.  I like Gluten-Free LivingEatingWell, and (my favorite) Tea Time Magazine because they are either all gluten-free or have yummy gluten-free recipes.  Hopefully this will all be out of my system so I can enjoy the Army-Navy game Saturday, I'm thinking about making a gluten-free pizza Yummy.

GO NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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